Web hosting Choose Your Options

Everything from shoes to mobiles is being sold at click of a mouse button; what differentiates the popularity and functioning of these websites has got a lot to do with the various ecommerce web hosting options used. Though the success lies in the quality of products and good customer reviews, these important things are of no use if the underlying website is clumsy and not customer and owner friendly.

Some of the vital components of ecommerce web hosting are user friendly and catchy layouts, shopping carts that act like a breeze, ease of adding, updating and deleting carts, very easy control panel (which translates into easy and fuss free switch of categories for customers), a detailed Autoresponder, quick and customizable email forwarding, an SSL certificate, low credit and debit card processing rates etc. Though web hosts give comprehensive ecommerce web hosting options, all aspects must be thoroughly checked before opting for any plan.

Basic Ecommerce Flow

One thing that primarily decides which ecommerce option you should choose is the number of different type of products that you wish to sell. The higher the number of products, the more comprehensive plan must be chosen. Number of images per product, ability to magnify images etc. varies from plan to plan. Technical support in case of fraudulent transactions, server downtime and handling error pages is very important; no ecommerce business can afford to lose a probable bona fide customer due to sudden technical snag. Use website statistics to gauge whether the current ecommerce business is raking in money or not and how is it raking in money.

Website statistics give an idea of who visited your website, from where (which server) was the request sent, how many hits has the website got etc. These statistics are essentially log files that store the details, for an ecommerce owner these stats are useful as they tell from which places are more sales taking place, how many visits convert into sales and how many do not, which page in the entire website is being visited more etc. This in turn helps sellers to decide what kind of products, offers and page layouts are getting more attention from the customers. This helps a lot in fine tuning the ecommerce business to suit the taste of potential buyers.

Licensed shopping cart software is provided by good and reliable web hosts. Choosing an inviting shopping cart layout makes customers ‘add’ and ultimately buy more products than they intended to. Adding offers, coupons, promotional codes etc. invites a lot of page hits; which in turn may convert into sales during the entire customer session. Check for ecommerce hosting options that do not have any hidden fees.

Presentation and simplification of the entire shopping experience is detrimental to the success of any ecommerce business. Choose a hosting option that showcases products in the best possible way, lets you append, delete or modify the entire process in a hassle free manner and gives complete 24X7 customer support.